Rooted in the simple beauty and pure, vibrant flavors of the season, My emphasis is on Distinctive flavors made with premium ingredients.

Photo by JennaBeth Photography

Photo by JennaBeth Photography

Photo by Sarah Deragon Photography

Photo by Sarah Deragon Photography


My work celebrates beauty from the inside out with freshly-baked (never frozen), all-natural wedding cakes that feature:

  • farm-fresh fruits, carrots, beets, herbs and flowers from Sonoma County

  • swiss meringue buttercream, exclusively (no fondant)

  • natural dyes and fruit purees for color

  • 100% certified organic flour, organic butter, organic sugar and organic eggs

  • seasonal, garden-inspired designs

  • local spirits and beers for our popular "boozy cakes"


Susan - your work is some of the best I’ve seen. Mesmerizing, in fact. You have such a lovely eye. Excellent sense of balance and proportion, air and light and you seem to know when to put down the spatula or trowel or whatever tool it is you are deftly working with...I appreciate mastery.
— Celest P., Encore Event Rentals

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