Custom flavor inspiration

A few of our recent favorites to spark your interest, make you hungry and ultimately help us tailor a cake just for you. Please note: every element from fruits and fillings to buttercream finishes can be adjusted to suit your taste.

Be sure to check out instagram and pinterest pages, too, for more ideas, and let us know what sounds best.

Once we have a sense of your taste, we can make recommendations based on seasonality, to offer the most balanced flavors and incorporate the freshest ingredients possible.



light and white


Simple white

light, tender-crumbed white butter cake filled with vanilla bean mousse and finished in vanilla buttercream


Lemon butter cake filled with lemon verbena mousse and organic blueberries, finished in limoncello buttercream


fluffy white coconut cake filled with lime curd and lime mousse, finished in coconut buttercream and coconut shavings

pink champagne

simple white cake baked with sparkling blanc de blancs, filled with fresh, organic raspberries and raspberry mousse, and finished in raspberry buttercream

winter citrus + rose

meyer lemon sponge brushed with meyer lemon-blood orange simple syrup, filled with meyer lemon curd and meyer lemon mousse, finished in lemon-rose buttercream




extra virgin olive oil - rosemary

moist, complex olive oil cake baked with citrus zests, almond meal, fresh rosemary and organic extra virgin olive oil, filled with sweet madeira mascarpone and fresh strawberries, and finished in madeira buttercream 

extra virgin olive oil - lavender

moist, complex olive oil cake baked with citrus zests, almond meal, fresh lavender and organic extra virgin olive oil, filled with lemon-lavender mousee + lemon lavender curd, and finished in limoncello buttercream

almond cornmeal

dense, home-style pound cake filled with layers of fresh peach mousse and alternate layers of organic raspberries and peaches, finished in amaretto buttercream

fresh strawberry cake

white sponge cake brushed in strawberry syrup, filled with strawberry cream cheese frosting and fresh organic strawberries, finished in strawberry buttercream





moist spice cake baked with chopped organic apples and walnuts, filled with candy cap cream cheese frosting and finished in honey buttercream


moist, buttery pound cake baked with organic pumpkin and ginger, filled with tart cranberry curd and tangy cream cheese frosting


dense, home-style pound cake filled with honey-cream cheese frosting and caramelized figs, finished in amaretto buttercream

fresh gingerbread

molasses, freshly grated ginger and black pepper baked into a moist, complex spice cake, tempered with tangy lemon curd and lemon cream cheese frosting






Chocolate Stout

Lagunitas Cappucino Stout cake filled with bourbon cream cheese frosting and nocino caramel sauce, finished with bourbon buttercream and nocino drizzle

Triple Chocolate

Rich, moist chocolate buttermilk cake filled with dark chocolate ganache and chocolate mousse, finished in vanilla bean buttercream

Chocolate-Mocha sponge

Light, moist sponge cake brushed with espresso simple syrup, filled chocolate espresso ganache and chocolate-espresso mousse


Rich, yellow butter cake baked with shaved chocolate, brushed with sweetened milk, filled with eggless chocolate chip cookie dough and finished with vanilla buttercream and chocolate chip cookie crumbles


natural velvet cake filled with pinot noir-caramel, cream cheese frosting and organic cherries