slow cakes: a new approach to baking inspired by the art of slow living.


Rooted in a firm belief that the best things in life are spun from time,

when there's room for pause to let creativity flow and inspiration strike, 

slow cakes are a new series of limited edition creations offered throughout the year to complement our wedding business and share delicious new flavors with our community.


Instead of offering all the flavors, all the time, we think hard, dream big, play with our food, tinker with flavors and finally narrow our focus to craft

one very special cake

featuring peak-season fruits, fresh, local ingredients and fellow artisans.


Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries and life's everyday celebrations,

each one-of-a-kind creation is only available for a short time and made to order.

Trust us, you'll love it.

Discover our current release, click here.


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