Hey There!

Cake Bloom owner, Susan Williams

I'm Susan, the baker, entrepreneur and cake stylist behind Cake Bloom, a flourishing, organic wedding cake company based in Sonoma, California.

I'm the first to admit:

  1.  I don't have all the fancy sugar skills many wedding bakers have. 
  2.  I've never made a gum paste flower in my life! (But props to those who can!)
  3.  My cakes are far from those classically "perfect" fondant creations some skillful bakers create.

What I DO have is:

  1. A calendar booked solid with only the clients and projects I choose
  2. Hundreds of inquiries each year that give me room to pass on couples who don't feel like the best fit (no bridezillas in my world, ever!)
  3. A clientele who LOVES my particular style, trusts me completely and gives me creative freedom to do the kind of rustic, organic baking and styling I do best (and love most)

In short, I have a clear brand identity and a market for my baking brand, and that is the (not-so-secret) secret to how I've grown a thriving business doing what I love.

Building a marketable brand isn't rocket science, but there is strategy involved that can make all the difference in helping you standout, especially in a saturated wedding market. I'd love to help you with yours, because, let's be real, this business is HARD work and if your clientele doesn't appreciate  you, respect you or value your time, skills and effort, what's the point?

You can dig into more of my background over here or dive right into some free tools I've created down below to get your business blooming today.


Instagram 101.png

Instagram 101 

You've got the skills to make a beautiful cake, but when it comes to instagram, you could use a little help.

10 Easy Steps to help you clean up your cake feed, grow your following and start booking more clients (for FREE!) using instagram.

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Ideal Couple Workbook

The first step to attracting the types of couples you'd like to work with is identifying who they are.

Grab my 7-Page Workbook to help you focus on the types of couples you want to serve (and stop luring in those couples who aren't the best fit).