Finding My People

Hello Cake Enthusiasts,

First, welcome to my new site.

It's been part-beast, part-joy. Beastly only because my skills shine must brighter in a kitchen and joyful as I'm very excited to finally share oodles of gorgeous photography by my friend and fellow Sonoman, Sarah Deragon. (She's in SF, too, city friends!)

Along with sharing her gorgeous imagery, one of my primary goals for relaunching my site is to find more of my people, which is to say, connect more. Nevermind the zen of baking and endless possibilities for creativity, which are huge parts of this path, one of the things I love most about cake is how it's proven to be one of my strongest and most natural-feeling forms of self-expression. And the truer we express ourselves and what stirs and ignites, us, the deeper and truer the connections we make, right?

LIke magic (or maybe instagram), baking has brought so many people into my life with shared styles, food philosophies, passions and hobbies. People who often end up feeling more like friends than customers or wedding clients after we discover that cake was only the beginning of a zillion things we have in common. People, who I find myself saying (literally) in consultations, "you're my people," when it feels like we were destined to meet.

Those connections are what it's all about for me. They are what make my cakes and daily baking so much more fulfilling and also what sustains me through the long hours and hard work. And they're what propel and support growth in all directions, which excites me to no end.

In the coming months, I'll be sharing the obvious stuff like recipes for home bakers and inspiration for engaged couples, along with slices of this charmed life in Sonoma for those of you considering a visit. And little by little, I'll be digging in a little more between the layers...sharing the fears and joys and hows and whys of this the hopes that the realities of my life might someway align with yours. 

And perhaps you'll drop me a line via email or in the comments below, and we can (re)connect.

Yours in cake and gratitude,