New Slow Cake Series + New Release

Since launching my business in 2012, I've been growing at a snail's pace, partly due to limited time and resources, but also due to an ongoing fear of losing my passion for baking. When I think about traditional bakery models and churning out the same product day after day, week after week, I know I wouldn't be able to sustain myself for the long-haul, financially or otherwise, simply because my heart wouldn't be in it. 


For me, what makes this path fulfilling, is the connections I've made through cake and the room for creativity with each layer. Discovering a new product, fruit or interesting spirit and translating it into cake is my ultimate happy place. And given that I believe baking is as much a science as an emotional expression, I truly believe that a happy baker makes the best cakes. 


So, with the wedding season winding down and holidays winding up, it seems the perfect time to slow down, narrow my focus and unveil a new series spun from considerable thought, time...and recipe testing.

Inspired by the Art of Slow Living, a lifestyle ethos based on an unhurried approach to everyday moments, I would like to introduce Slow Cakes, a limited edition series of cakes inspired by the seasons, interesting produce, novel ingredients, passionate farmers, talented florists, or anything under the sun that might make for an interesting, beautiful and delicious new creation.


My debut Slow Cake takes its inspiration from the harvest season in Sonoma and from a delicous Nocino (walnut liqueur) from Westwood Distillers in Sonoma that I discovered last winter at Prohibition Spirits. This fluffy spice cake is baked with organic Honey Crisp apples and filled with local wildflower honey buttercream and Nocino caramel sauce and garnished with candied walnuts and organic lady apples.

caramel sauce recipe testing, winter 2016

caramel sauce recipe testing, winter 2016

Slow Cakes and a couple of our best-selling signature cakes are currently available exclusively for delivery to Sonoma Valley customers, but we have plans for pop-ups and expanded offerings in the coming months. Be sure to sign up for our email newsletter to stay in the loop!