Photo by Sarah Deragon Photography

Photo by Sarah Deragon Photography

Hi there!

 I'm Susan, the baker, entrepreneur and cake stylist behind Cake Bloom, a seasonally-inspired custom cake company based in Sonoma, California.

Photo by Heidi Wilson

Photo by Heidi Wilson

Born and raised in Tennessee, I baked my first cake at eight years of age. It was a Crabapple Spice cake that I made with my eldest sister for our father's birthday, and if you know anything about crabapples, it was a labor of love. 

Amazingly, those annoyingly tiny, extra tart little fruits from our backyard were transformed into an unforgettable three-layer confection studded with tart apple flavor and finished with pillowy swirls of cream cheese frosting. Instantly, I got a taste of the joys of baking from scratch and began exploring the rest of our garden for more baking inspiration.

Years later, despite filling my college notebooks with cake doodles I earned my B.A. in print journalism and later graduated from culinary school, before devoting my twenties to editorial and marketing work.

Food was always a part of my story, though. 

A decidedly late bloomer, I've followed a slow, but steady culinary path from my childhood on Lookout Mountain in Tennessee to meaningful chapters discovering food culture in the south of France, indigenous bush foods in Queensland, Australia and food politics and culinary innovation in San Francisco, to my current home in Sonoma, a town who's heart, soul and history revolve around food and wine.

And it's here, amidst the salt-of-the-earth farmers, bountiful land and warm, welcoming community, that I've settled into a creative rhythm of all natural baking, seasonal styling and building a brand that reflects everything that matters to me. 

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