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a selection of some of our top-selling seasonal and signature flavors...

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blueberry slice_lemoncake.jpg


organic lemon creme fraiche cake filled with lemon curd and organic blueberries, finished in lemon buttercream


fluffy white coconut cake filled with alternate layers of lime curd and coconut custard, finished in coconut buttercream

Champagne with rose + raspberry

simple white cake baked with sparkling blanc de blancs, filled with fresh, organic raspberries and raspberry mousse, and finished in raspberry-rose buttercream



extra virgin olive oil cake | cake bloom

extra virgin olive oil - thyme

organic extra virgin olive olive oil cake baked with orange and lemon zests, almond meal and fresh rosemary, filled with sweet Madeira mascarpone and fresh, organic strawberries, and finished in madeira buttercream

stone fruits + almond

home-style pound cake with a slightly sweet, sturdy crumb, filled with layers of peach curd with alternate layers of fresh organic peach and fresh, organic nectarine, finished in amaretto buttercream



figs + honey

home-style pound with a slightly sweet, sturdy crumb filled with honey-cream cheese frosting and caramelized figs, finished in amaretto buttercream

rainbow carrot

flavorful spice cake baked with red, purple, orange and yellow organic carrots and filled with salted caramel and vanilla cream cheese frosting



chocolate - fresh mint

pinot velvet slice with cherries

Classic chocolate-espresso cake, fresh spearmint chantilly, mint-infused dark chocolate ganache, mint-chocolate buttercream, toasted chocolate "dirt"

chocolate stout

Lagunitas Cappucino Stout cake filled with bourbon cream cheese frosting and nocino caramel sauce, finished with bourbon buttercream and nocino drizzle


natural velvet cake baked with grated beet for extra moisture and a hint of color, filled with pinot noir-caramel, cream cheese frosting